Baby bedding

Healthy sleep is especially important for any child. A quality sleep of your baby depends primarily on high-quality bed linen. To find out which baby bedding is better, you should familiarize yourself with important nuances that must be considered when choosing it.

Choosing a fabric

During the first years of life, the baby is almost always in the crib, so the fabric for making bedding is very important. Usually for such linen use natural materials: cotton, flax and bamboo fiber. Cotton bedding is pleasant to the touch, well absorbs moisture, hygienically, warms the baby and is easy to wash. Almost all cotton fabrics are durable and wear-resistant, as baby bedding is often washed. Linen and bamboo are less commonly used for the production of baby clothes, but they are not inferior to cotton in their properties.

What fabrics are used today:

Satin. It is well breathable, absorbs moisture, dries quickly and is easy to iron. Differs in high density, smooth – it will be pleasant to the child to feel it.

Chintz. Easy and at the same time rather durable material. After washing, no need to iron.

Unbleached calico. Lightweight material with low crushability and the ability to keep the brightness of the pattern for many years.

Flannel. Bed linen made of this material will be appreciated by any child: it is soft, slightly fluffy, does not cause allergic reactions and is very warm.

Linen fabric. It has high strength, absorbs moisture well and at the same time gives it away quickly and dries out, does not electrify and has antibacterial properties.

Bamboo fabric. Environmentally friendly material that absorbs moisture, has antimicrobial properties and does not cause allergies. Bamboo bedding favorably affects the healthy and sound sleep of the child.

Choosing a color

Color is very important when choosing bedding for children. The mood of the child and his further development largely depends on him. But the color must be selected depending on the age and characteristics of the child. For babies under one year, it is better to choose single-colored bedding without bright patterns. It is better for older children to buy two different sets: one with your favorite characters, the second with a calmer color spectrum. For example, blue tones help relieve psychological stress and calm before bedtime. Pastel shades, cream and caramel colors, help to increase appetite. It is not recommended buying bedding of dark colors. If the child is too emotional, calm and soft tones of bedding will be better.

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